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About ESG Clean Energy

Welcome! With the ever-changing climate that we live in and with the quest to be better stewards of our environment we have now changed our name to ESG Clean Energy.

We are very focused on clean and efficient ways to produce energy. Through patented technology we sequester the lien share of the carbon dioxide produced, thus shrinking the carbon footprint and reducing the impact of greenhouse gases on our climate. By utilizing those same patents, we’re able to manufacture a variety of products with virtually little or no impact on the atmosphere.

ESG Clean Energy business principles are based on the notion that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, such as climate change and human rights, can affect the overall business performance of generating energy, protecting the environment and manufacturing products that are essential to our everyday life. As we embrace new and exciting methods of creating energy, storing energy, manufacturing commodities and reducing the carbon footprint, we hope that in some small way, we are doing our share protect the environment and stave off climate change for
generations to come.
Our focus on future projects is still the same and is constantly evolving. Thank you for visiting and please review the information contained with this website.

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