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Week/Month Ending February 28, 2021

As expected excavation and electrical work began during the first week of February 2021 while ESG is waiting on final equipment design and locations.

All excavation and preparation work began for the installation control panels, feeder lines, rough outs for all of the electrical equipment including switch gear, station power, transformers and the 2 CAT G3520s engine generators.

The decision was made to engage an acoustical design and installation company during the second week of February for the sound attenuated room in which the 2 CAT G3520s will be housed in. The company is working with our mezzanine company and structural engineers on the layout and design for all of the sound attenuated components (walls & ceiling).

Additional excavation work and compaction has also begun to prepare for the structural requirements to support the natural gas and electrical tie ins for the housekeeping pads on which the 2 CAT G3520s engine generators will be placed.

Excavation, compaction and rough plumbing will continue until the concrete is poured for the engine-generator housekeeping pads and the floor. Total concrete curing time is expected between 21 to 28 days.

After which the 2 CAT G3520 engine generators will be installed. The mezzanine and sound attenuating materials will be installed after that. Once installed other equipment pertinent to our patents will be installed.

The building is now illuminated from dusk until dawn 24/7/365. Next will be the installation of motion sensing, high resolution IP security cameras that will provide real time viewing of the building.

Continued work is ongoing on a daily basis.

If anyone has any questions, we ask that you contact ESG at (413) 272 – 2135.

Week ending 1-31-2020

Week/Month Ending January 31st, 2021

Throughout January, ESG has met 5 different mezzanine companies from the northeast. We have had numerous discussions on the design of the mezzanine. We are currently reviewing their costs, designs and installation schedule.

We have met with an acoustical design and installation company for the sound attenuated containers which the 2 CAT G3520s will be housed in. A preliminary design is currently being drafted. We have also conducted an analysis and forwarded along the data of the free field mechanical noise of the CAT G3520c engine generator to ensure that all sound requirements of code regulations will be met and in compliance.

We are waiting on final layout and design of the interior of the building, complete with laboratory, office, break room, utility room, lavatory and all necessary health and safety fixturing. Also part of the design is the integration of a drain, floor pitch and footing location specifications from our Structural Consulting Engineer. After the schedule for mobilizing electrical, plumbing and concrete work is fully approved, the re-enforced concrete floor will be poured by mid-to-late February.

After meeting with our electrical contractor, we expect building excavation and electrical work to begin the first week of February 2021, with feeder lines being pulled and control panels being located. We are still waiting on final equipment design and locations. We have met with our vendors and contractors at the site and laid out a variety of equipment orientations. We have defined the specifications for various pieces of equipment which include 2 vacuum condensers, absorption chiller and an air-to-air exhaust heat exchanger.

In addition to purchasing two natural gas Reciprocating Engine Generators (RECIPs), we have purchased the Selective Catalytic Reduction systems (SCRs). We have also purchased 2 horizontal engine generator radiators. We have been working closely with vendors to meet a mid-March delivery schedule.

If anyone has any questions, we ask that you contact ESG at (413) 272 – 2135.

Week ending 12-31-2020

Week/Month Ending December 31, 2020

Throughout December 2020, ESG Clean Energy has met with all of its vendors and the customer to work on a schedule that will allow completion of the project sometime during the first Quarter of 2021.

Final outside site preparation work to begin during January of 2021. During that same time period, it is expected that all necessary, permanent building electrical work, installation of paralleling switch gear and the installation of feeds from the transformers to the building and utility poles will commence as well. ESG is still waiting on final, single line drawings for all electrical work.

During late January or early February of 2021, interior layout of the building will be completed including health & safety, utility room, office and laboratory. The floor will be poured and once the floor has had proper time to set interior construction will begin.

Expected delivery of the sound attenuated engine generator sets is expected in late February or early March of 2021. After that all natural gas installation, metering & plumbing along with final electrical work will begin.

Once the sound attenuated, natural gas reciprocating internal combustion engines (RECIPs) have been installed, work will begin on installation of equipment inside the 5,000 square foot building that will make full use of the Combined Heat & Power (CHP) side of generating electricity. ESG Clean Energy will make full use of no less than three patents to sequester Carbon Dioxide (CO2), produce a variety of products with a “net zero” carbon footprint in the generation of electricity to a power grid.

There will be a testing period prior to commissioning and that time has yet to be determined.

If you have any questions, please contact ESG at (413) 272 2135.

Week ending 11-30-2020

Week/Month Ending 11/30/2020
As of today, ESG Clean Energy is in receipt of a set stamped, engineering drawings that will be forwarded along to the customer for approval.

After which mobilization for continued excavation work will take place.

Over the last 3 weeks, and through the Thanksgiving Holiday week, ESG has had numerous meetings with a variety of equipment vendors working through details that are pertinent to the production of electricity, the production of distilled water, the capture and sequestration of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

All construction debris has been removed from Water Street. Further site preparation work is being done by the landowner.

There are currently some minor electro-mechanical design changes that are currently under review by ESG’s engineering firm and stamped, updated drawings are expected within 2 weeks.

After meeting with our customer, contractors and vendors, further excavation, construction and installation of all equipment will resume and continue on throughout December and with an expected completion date during the first quarter of 2021.

There was an unexpected delay in the project during the first two weeks of November.

There will be another update for year end.

If there are any questions concerning this project, or any future projects please contact ESG.

Week ending 10-30-2020

Week/Month ending 10/30/2020

As of today, the following has been accomplished for ESG (H1).The pre-engineered steel building is fully insulated meeting Massachusetts commercial building codes and standards.

Temporary electrical service has been installed and was inspected for both the building and construction trailer and the lights have been turned on.

Stamped Civil Engineering drawings detailing gas lines and water lines for fire suppression and domestic water have been received. ESG is currently working with its contractors and customer on dates when site excavation and preparation will begin. ESG is working with its vendor for design and layout of interior fire suppression.

ESG is waiting for stamped MEP drawings for the layout of the interior of building. Also, included in those drawings will be exterior electro/mechanical designs for the switch gear, transformers and controls for the sound attenuated containerized natural gas generators.

It is expected that excavation for both the interior and exterior of the building will commence within the next 10 – 15 business days once the contractors, vendors, customer and ESG reach on consensus on mobilization.

As was stated previously, this is a very fluid environment and we are working very closely with our customer, vendors and contractors to maintain this momentum.

Another update will be provided at the end of November 2020.

If there are any questions about this project or future projects, please contact ESG Clean Energy @ (413) 272 – 2135.

Week ending 09-25-2020

Week ending 09-25-2020

On Thursday August 13th, 2020 ESG Clean Energy, LLC once again began the next phase of construction of our pre-engineered building that will house the post combustion equipment that will manufacture distilled water, capture and sequester the lion-share of the exhausted Carbon Dioxide (CO2) exhaust (net-zero carbon footprint).

As of today, the walls, roof, gutters and downspouts have been installed, and all exposed steel has been primed and painted with 2 finish coats of high gloss oil-based paint. Temporary electrical service has been in inspected and installation will be completed by the end of next week. Installation of thermal insulation that meets Massachusetts commercial building codes begin early next week as well.

Once we receive stamped engineered mechanical/electrical drawings we will then begin site preparation for installation of our domestic water lines for both fire suppression and building usage. At the same time that work is being done we will be running natural gas to the building, as the building will be metered for both HVAC and for the generators. The design and layout of the interior of the building with utility room, office, test lab and lavatory will be next. Once that is complete, excavation for the concrete floor or slab along with drainage and equipment footings will be poured.

Once that process is finished, we will further compact the front of the building, place crushed aggregate (stone) that is water permeable and prepare for the arrival and installation of the electrical distribution switch gear and the sound attenuated, containerized generators.

This is a very fluid environment and we are working very closely with our customer, vendors and contractors to maintain this momentum.

Another up date will be provided at the end of October 2020.

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