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Week ending 09-25-2020

On Thursday August 13th, 2020 ESG Clean Energy, LLC once again began the next phase of construction of our pre-engineered building that will house the post combustion equipment that will manufacture distilled water, capture and sequester the lion-share of the exhausted Carbon Dioxide (CO2) exhaust (net-zero carbon footprint).

As of today, the walls, roof, gutters and downspouts have been installed, and all exposed steel has been primed and painted with 2 finish coats of high gloss oil-based paint. Temporary electrical service has been in inspected and installation will be completed by the end of next week. Installation of thermal insulation that meets Massachusetts commercial building codes begin early next week as well.

Once we receive stamped engineered mechanical/electrical drawings we will then begin site preparation for installation of our domestic water lines for both fire suppression and building usage. At the same time that work is being done we will be running natural gas to the building, as the building will be metered for both HVAC and for the generators. The design and layout of the interior of the building with utility room, office, test lab and lavatory will be next. Once that is complete, excavation for the concrete floor or slab along with drainage and equipment footings will be poured.

Once that process is finished, we will further compact the front of the building, place crushed aggregate (stone) that is water permeable and prepare for the arrival and installation of the electrical distribution switch gear and the sound attenuated, containerized generators.

This is a very fluid environment and we are working very closely with our customer, vendors and contractors to maintain this momentum.

Another up date will be provided at the end of October 2020.

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