September 8, 2022 -
ESG Clean Energy Agrees to Build Second Carbon Capture Power Generation System for Holyoke Grid

HOLYOKE, Mass. –

ESG Clean Energy, LLC, developers of zero carbon power generation systems, announced today it has signed a second agreement with Holyoke Gas & Electric
(HG&E) to produce over 4.2 MW of clean power for the local electric grid while capturing nearly 100% of the CO2 during the process.

Under a Power Purchasing Agreement with HG&E, ESG will provide its patented carbon capture system to help HG&E generate low-cost electricity, capture the carbon dioxide from the burning of natural gas, and help support the reliability of the area electric grid during peak usage times.

As a result, the power generation site will capture over 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide every year and use the water vapor to produce diesel exhaust fluid.

Project financing is provided by Colliers Funding, LLC. This agreement follows ESG’s first installation, a 3.9 MW generation and carbon capture facility also located in Holyoke.

“We are pleased to begin planning our second carbon capture power generation system in Holyoke with HG&E and make that project a reality,” said Nick Scuderi, president of ESG Clean
Energy. “With our first project now generating power, we are excited to kick off the second project and advance our technology.”

One of the benefits of the ESG Clean Energy power generation system is the ability to utilize waste heat from a conventional, natural gas, internal combustion engine to drive its carbon dioxide capture technology without loss of efficiency. By isolating the water vapor and C02, the ESG system is designed to produce various commodities while capturing nearly 100 percent of the CO2.

As a result, a zero-carbon footprint can be achieved.


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About ESG Clean Energy, LLC
ESG Clean Energy, LLC (ESG) develops zero carbon footprints and clean energy solutions for
businesses and power providers using natural gas. The ESG system design utilizes patented
technology to efficiently produce electricity while capturing and converting the carbon dioxide and water vapor, which can be used in the production of various commodities.

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