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ESG Clean Energy, LLC (ESG) under a license agreement, makes complete use of no less than four patents to generate revenue first and foremost by selling electricity to the power grid and utilizing close to 100% of the waste heat for the production and sale of an easily tradeable commodity on a distributed basis.

The following apparatus patent, uses no new technology, rather utilizes readily available “off – the – shelf” equipment and methodology which enables the producer of electricity to distill and produce distilled water, sequester and capture close to 100% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the exhaust (Net ZERO CO2 emission) and increase efficiency of electrical power output (generation) by 10 – 15%.

 INVERTED BRAYTON CYCLE “Bottoming Cycle” US 10,774,773 B2

*Please refer to the PDFs below*

The production of both distilled water, capture of CO2 (carbon sequestration) and use of the waste heat substantially reduces costs since they are a by-product of the power generation combustion process. The cost associated with the production of other commodities also becomes reduced as well and with a “net zero” carbon footprint. The technical risk on the production of the commodities is significantly lessened, since ESG makes use of readily available “off-the-shelf” equipment.

There are numerous exciting opportunities that could make full use of ESG’s patent portfolio in the ever expanding indoor growing applications including closed-loop agriculture and aquaculture systems or greenhouses. The following illustrates the advantages of ESG’s patented technologies and methodologies. “Clean & Green”

  • Long-term access to low cost electricity wheeled out/through to a customer
  • A verified and measured amount of low cost Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • A verified and measured amount of low cost heat/cooling (HVAC)
  • A verified and measured amount of low cost distilled or de-ionized water
  • A verified and measured amount of low cost humidity
  • Thermodynamic consulting to enhance growing conditions

With regards to opportunities in North America in both regulated/de-regulated states and with respect to future projects these are the potential areas of focus for ESG Clean Energy.

  • Dynamic Distributed Power Grids
  • Distributed power grids in both regulated & de-regulated states

Peak Shaving for municipal electric operating companies or electrical co-operatives

  • Peak shaving in de-regulated states.
  • Providing a cost saving resource and solution to commercial entities
  • Replacement of municipal/private – commercially owned coal fired plants less than 60MW
  • Owned plants that are in need of service with diminishing efficiency
  • Using our patents to “clean wastewater” (Flash Distillation)
  • Distributed Ethanol, Ammonia, Urea, plastic recycling, distilled and/or de-ionized water production using waste heat (CHP) in regulated or de-regulated states
  • Aggregating and monetizing stranded natural gas wells in de-regulated & regulated states
  • Waste-to-Power (energy) (Synthetic Gas/Methane)
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