The design of the ESG Clean Energy System utilizes a series of international patents to efficiently produce electricity, produce distilled or deionized water, and then capture the carbon dioxide to produce various carbon-based commodities such as ethanol and compressed CO2.


Creating clean, distributed energy is the goal as we continue to address global climate change through the reduction of CO2 emissions.

One 5 megawatt ESG Clean Energy plant has the potential to generate enough energy to power over 3,000 homes.

Each 5 megawatt project is designed to produce over 5 million gallons of distilled water every year along with capturing and preventing over 15,000 tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Plastics Recycling Operations

could be made more affordable and safer for the environment by providing low-cost, CO2 free heat that is critical to the processing of recycled plastics.


could be made more reliable during emergencies with an ESG Clean Energy system that is designed to provide power when grids go down.

Stranded Natural Gas Wells

could become more effective producers by incorporating the ESG system into the production process.

Data Centers

could run more efficiently with clean, low-cost energy.

Future Development

Nitrogen Removal

could potentially be done more efficiently and cleanly. Nitrogen can cause algae blooms in wastewater treatment plants that is a risk to human health. Its removal has become an emerging worldwide concern.

Hydrogen Production

could potentially close the energy loop and be made less costly by using the waste heat and captured CO2 in the production process.


Patented technology

ESG uses patented technology to enable its carbon capture systems

Capture CO2

Scalable system is designed to capture nearly 100% of CO2 while generating electricity from natural gas

Convert CO2

The captured carbon dioxide can be converted into various carbon-based commodities

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Distributed energy with carbon capture