May 18, 2023 –
ESG Clean Energy Begins Distilled Water Production at Holyoke Power Plant

HOLYOKE, Mass. –  ESG Clean Energy, LLC, developers of zero-carbon, distributed power generation solutions, announced today that distilled and deionized water production has begun at its 4 MW power generation plant (H1). The plant will be capable, at full production, of producing up to 15,000 gallons of distilled water per day.

To produce the distilled water, the ESG Clean Energy designed a power generation system that harnesses the Inverted Brayton Cycle to drive a water absorption system to remove water vapor from the engine exhaust. In the process, exhaust containing waste heat and water vapor – which is normally lost into the atmosphere – is separated and then used to distill water.

“Beginning water production at our first project is a significant milestone for our company,” said Nick Scuderi, president of ESG Clean Energy. “We continue to innovate and design new ways of producing clean energy as well as the important commodities that can come from it. It’s great to see our new designs start to come to fruition.”

  Currently, makeup water is feeding the process until the plant becomes fully operational.

After which, the primary source of water will come from engine exhaust. The distilled water produced at the plant is available for sale into the wholesale market.

The ESG Clean Energy power generation system is designed to use the waste heat from power generation to produce distilled water and capture all of the CO2 using a metal organic framework, but without loss of efficiency. When fully operational, the system is designed to capture up to 15,000 tons of CO2 on an annual basis. That sequestered carbon dioxide can then be sold as a commodity.

As a result, close to zero-carbon production of electricity and commodities can be achieved.

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ESG Clean Energy, LLC (ESG) develops clean energy solutions for operating utilities using natural gas for power generation with a Zero Carbon Footprint. The ESG system is designed to utilize patented and off-the-shelf technology to efficiently produce electricity while capturing and converting close to 100% of the carbon dioxide. Waste heat and water vapor can be used to manufacture various commodities, such as distilled water, plastic recycling, compressed CO2, ethanol, hydrogen, and Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). More information about ESG Clean Energy and its technology can be found at

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