March 4, 2024 -
ESG Clean Energy Reaches New Milestone of Over 99% Efficiency in Its Carbon Capture, Water Removal System

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – March 4, 2024)

Achieving dry exhaust enhances and simplifies carbon capture

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – (Mar. 4, 2024) – ESG Clean Energy, LLC, developers of power generation/carbon capture systems with a nearly Zero Carbon output, announced today that results from continued testing of its patented water removal system exceeded a water removal rate of over 99 percent. Reaching this level of dryness from fossil fuel power generation emissions enables the better use of energy-efficient solid adsorber materials to capture carbon dioxide instead of the high cost and energy intensive liquid adsorbers currently in use today.

This major technical milestone was achieved by increasing both the systems’ temperature and pressure differentials, enabling unprecedented exhaust dryness levels. This development makes it possible to conduct large- and small-scale direct carbon capture in a more viable and cost-effective manner. Testing was conducted at the company’s 4.4MW gas-powered power generation plant in Holyoke that serves the local electrical grid.

“Reaching over 99% water removal is essentially making the emissions bone-dry,” said Nick Scuderi, President of ESG Clean Energy, LLC. “With exhaust that dry, we believe capturing carbon dioxide can be done so much easier using low-cost and energy efficient solid adsorbers.

This development provides a clearer path to applying this technology to all types of fossil fuel engines – from small and large power plants to the transportation industry.”

ESG Clean Energy plans on implementing this technology across all its planned facilities and has licensed the technology to a subsidiary of Camber Energy (NYSE (Amex): CEI) for all of Canada and multiple locations in the United States.

# # # # About ESG Clean Energy, LLC

ESG Clean Energy, LLC (ESG) develops natural gas power generation/carbon capture systems with a nearly Zero Carbon Footprint. The patented technology is designed to generate large amounts of electricity and produce distilled water and CO 2 -based commodities, such as compressed CO2, ethanol, hydrogen, and Diesel exhaust fluid. ESG is working to secure additional projects around the world and has awarded exclusive rights to its patent portfolio to Viking Energy Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Camber Energy, Inc., (CEI) for exclusive use in Canada and multiple locations in the U.S.

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